The Toubkal Odyssey

The South of England to the Summit of North Africa

Supported by the Royal Institute of Navigation


On August 2004 Tristan Gooley and Marcus Mudd embarked on

the Toubkal Odyssey, a pioneering travel research expedition.

The Route

The Odyssey began on the water with a 120 mile passage from Southampton to Jersey on a small yacht. The next stage was a series of light aircraft flights down through France, around the western edge of the Pyrenees, through Spain and past the Pillars of Hercules to Tangier, Morocco. A 4x4 drive from Tangier through the foothills of the Atlas Mountains lead to Imlil. The journey culminated in a trek from Imlil to the summit of Jebel Toubkal at 13,670ft.

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The Team

Tristan Gooley is a pilot, ocean yachtmaster and experienced mountain trekker. He has led expeditions on five continents, including treks to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and from Glasgow to London. He works in travel.

Marcus Mudd is a Captain in the British Army who for the past two years has specialised in reconnaisance and planning. He is no stranger to travel and includes among his interests parachuting, scuba diving, skiing and the Cresta Run.


As a pioneering expedition it was used to research various aspects of travel. It included investigative work into the perception of travel, crossing borders and navigation.

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